Fantasy , first time i try this technique in hair and the moon. but i like it and will try it more in some of next paintings.

Done by ink + gouache on paper

Statue from a magazine i saw and just sketch it, i don't know but i like it as i hope you do.

Done by red pen on yellow paper.

A dream suicide could be like self suicide, once it jump from the mountain no way back. the most important thing in your dream is to believe its possible, another wise you are pushing your dream more and more to the edge of the mountain.

Gouache + Ink on paper

Some times the perfect way to escape the life is Isolation, forgetting every thing about every things and just touching your deep soul by knowing it more and more.

Done by watercolors and ink over carton paper.

Tooooot Tooot, i love the old trains.
Done by gouache and black ink.